Announcing the Integration Block

Sep 10, 2021

As a creator, you quickly realize just how much work there is to do! You're building your audience by creating content on social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Then you're interacting with your audience through community platforms, and email/sms blast. Finally, your trying to convert your audience into reliable income with brand sponsorships, memberships, merch, exclusive content - and more. To accomplish all this, you might find yourself using multiple creator tools on a daily basis (fortunately you've got Beacons - a website that can keep up with you as a creator!).

Today, Beacons is excited to announce the launch of our integration block - our first step towards helping creators weave together their online presence into one supercharged Link-in-bio.

For the integration block launch, Beacons has partnered with 4 top creator platforms (with new integrations being released each week!). These platforms were carefully selected to help Beacons creators enrich their pages and convert their followers into fans. 👯

By adding these integrations, Beacons creators can move beyond just linking and instead provide an interactive preview of their pages on these platforms all in one centralized home base: their Beacons page. 💫

To add the integration block with any of the partners:

  1. Add the "Integration Block" to your page from the block chooser
  2. Select the "Integration" you want to add to your page
  3. Follow the in-app directions on how to activate the integration you chose

Beacons is thrilled to partner with: 🤝

Laylo - Capture your fan’s contact info and message them anytime you drop content, merch or events

QuikPlace - Display your QuikPlace influencer profile, including your promotional offerings and prices.

Split - Showcase commissionable products and "split" the commission with your audience.

Ko-fi - Feature your Ko-fi donation panel to have all donations go directly into your Ko-fi account.

Love the integration block? Share your Beacons page 2.0 with us via Twitter and Instagram! ❤️

Want to partner with Beacons for a future integration? Email our head of partnerships, Alan Dweck -! ✉️

Jessica Li

Chief of Staff at Beacons