Building your email list 📬

Tips Mar 02, 2020

One of the most challenging parts of being a creator is depending on an audience tied to a specific platform. This means you don't actually own your audience (the platform does), which makes it harder to

  • bring your audience to a new platform,
  • control who sees your content and updates due to platform-specific algorithms,
  • manage your audience.

Enter the email list. Here's where you can collect the emails of visitors and create a permanent communication channel to your audience. On your Beacons page, it looks something like this:

Turn it on by logging in and going to the Links tab or the Email List section (under the top-right menu).

This is what it looks like for visitors of your page:

As soon as at least one visitor leaves their email with you, you can download the list of emails right from the Email List section of your account page.

AND it doesn't even take up that much space! Amazing, right? 😎


Will Beacons ever email my subscribers?

No, we will never email your email list.

Is the email list private? Can subscribers see who else is on the list?

No, the only person who can access your list is you.

What if I decide to stop using Beacons? Can I bring my email list with me?

Yes you can! You can download your email list anytime you want as a convenient CSV and bring it anywhere.

Jesse Zhang

Co-founder, Beacons. Hakuna matata.