Enabling visitors to support your content 🥳

Tips Apr 16, 2020

Creating content is tough work, which is why we've built the simplest way for fans to support you right from your Beacons page: the Support Form. All you need to do is

  1. Sign in and go to the Support Form section under the drop-down menu (or click here)

  2. Connect your Stripe account if you haven't already. Click here to read over how to setup your Stripe account.

  3. Customize your form with a description, the item you would like visitors to gift you (coffee's pretty standard), and how much each item costs

To save vertical space, you can also change your Support Form into a Support Button:

When visitors support you, it'll look something like this:

You keep 100% of the money after credit card fees.


  • Use the description section to talk about what the money's going to, for example some new equipment, a new project, or a fan-inspired challenge
  • You can also embed a YouTube video describing what the money is going to, and it'll let you add some more personality to your page 😎
  • Does it seem a bit weird that you need to ask supporters to buy you an item? This is because we had to be extra careful due to strict financial regulations

Jesse Zhang

Co-founder, Beacons. Hakuna matata.