Featuring a video 🎬

Tips Apr 15, 2020

Trying to add some more personality to your Beacons page? You can embed a YouTube or TikTok video right onto the page.

  1. Sign in and go to the Featured Video section under the drop-down menu (or click here)
  2. Turn the video toggle switch on and enter a YouTube or TikTok link:

Your video will be at the top of your page by default, but you can move it around by clicking "Change featured video position." Here's an example with a TikTok video:


  • Record a video introducing yourself or explaining your Beacons page to visitors. This is a great way to drive attention to certain parts of your page, for example your Store, your Support Form, your Request Form, or certain links
  • If you create content on YouTube, add your latest video, or your channel trailer
  • Removing the video is as easy as turning the "On" switch off. Or by saving a blank entry in the text field

Jesse Zhang

Co-founder, Beacons. Hakuna matata.