Get your custom domain through Beacons

Tips Sep 16, 2021

Looking to truly make your Beacons page your own? Check out our custom domains offering. Through purchasing a custom domain, you can change your website link to any domain of your choosing. Your page can then be truly customized from link to appearance! šŸš€

Specifically, you can: šŸ’Ŗ

  • Use a custom domain with your Beacons page for just $10/mo
  • Buy a custom domain through Beacons for as little as $4 (for first time purchasers)
  • Link domains that you already own (i.e., that you bought elsewhere prior) to your Beacons page
  • Get set up services and support for any domain(s) you purchase through Beacons

To purchase a custom domain,

  • Navigate to "site settings" in the top right hand drop down after clicking on your profile image
  • Follow the 2 steps under "custom domains" at the top left

And voila - you're all set with your own custom domain and site! ā¤ļø

Share your custom domain pages with us via Twitter and Instagram! We're excited to see what you've built šŸ„³

Jessica Li

Chief of Staff at Beacons