How to make your first $1K online

Tips Sep 20, 2021

Getting started is always the hardest part - the biggest step in going full time with your side hustle is making your first $1K online. So today, we break down 14 ways to take this crucial first step!

Answering paid surveys

We've all received those emails asking for our input that offer to pay us several dozen if not $100+ for our response. Next time you receive and validate the legitimacy of one of these messages, spend 30 minutes or an hour responding to the survey to start making money online!

Sell ad space 🗣️

If you have a blog or website, you can sell ad space on your site! By virtue of creating the site, you own the full real estate of the link and can charge whatever price you'd like for prospective partners looking to market their products to your user base.

Tutor people 🏫

Whether it's English, graphic design, singing, or running, you have a skill you can teach! Charge per the minute or hour - you can do so directly on Beacons in a few clicks.

Refer people 👯

Many of your favorite products may pay you even if you're not an official brand ambassador. Every customer can create a referral link, send their friends and followers to it, and make money if the people they refer end up becoming customers as well.

Freelance 🤑

Lots of companies are looking for freelancers to help on a wide variety of tasks from writing to data entry to video editing. Find the right role for your interests and skill set and start monetizing your time!

Write for other websites ✍️

In the spirit of freelancing, lots of other companies are looking for guest bloggers and will pay handsomely for a good post. Reach out to the folks who run the blogs you love and offer to guest write a piece or even contribute a regular series or column to their blog.

Test products 💸

Get early access to your favorite brands' new products & get paid in the process? It's possible! Many companies pay a group of alpha or beta testers to trial their yet to be launched products and give detailed feedback.

Sell your stuff 🏪

Have used products that are still in good condition? Or want to create your own line of merch? Now's the perfect time! There's more online resale sites than ever and tons of companies work with creators to create and sell their own line of merch online.

Rent out your space 🏠

Living elsewhere during the pandemic? Or have a spare bedroom, room, or garage? Rent it out on Airbnb or other home sharing sites to start monetizing.

Pet sit 🐕

Love animals? Pet sitting could be perfect for you! You're typically paid by the hour or day, and don't have to do too much manual work - you can often multitask and truly launch your side hustle while you're sitting.

We hope these ideas sparked your journey to monetizing online, starting with your first $1K! Let us know which you try and how you made your first $1K 🙂

Jessica Li

Chief of Staff at Beacons