Monetize your time

Tips Aug 05, 2021

Introducing the appointments block 📢

Meet the booking block! With the booking block, you can seamlessly monetize your time. Try it here!

Use cases 👩‍🏫

Add the booking to allow followers, fans, and others to book 1 on 1:

  • career coaching sessions
  • fitness training sessions
  • music lessons
  • graphic design lessons
  • general chats
  • and so much more!

Adding the booking block 📅

  • Select the "Appointments" block
  • Title your service and add a description
  • Change your button text
  • Set your desired length and rate
  • Select whether you'd like people to book through email or Calendly
  • Enter your Calendly link to seamlessly integrate with Calendly (optional)

And you're ready to start monetizing your time! 🤑

Tips 💰

  • When fans, followers, and others request your expertise, just direct them to your Beacons page so you can be compensated for your time without worrying about the booking logistics
  • Add a compelling title so people know exactly what you're offering
  • Experiment with different session lengths and rates
  • Add a photo to make your booking block even more personalized and eye catching

Jessica Li

Chief of Staff at Beacons